The Coded Couture of Antique Lacework

Portrait of Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566-1633), Infanta of Spain, anonymous c. 1600, Courtesy Rijksmuseum
Standing band (collar) with tassels, ca. 1610–20, possibly French / Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Valance of an altar frontal, 17th century, Spanish / Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bed curtain border, first quarter 19th century, Russian / Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Veil, 19th century, Irish, Limerick / Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cravat end, mid-18th century, Flemish, Brussels / Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Long Form Articles:

Excerpt: Unlike, say, the equally complicated and enchanting Jacobean needlework of the era, which was primarily made by men in guilds, lace craftsmanship seems to have flourished in high and low echelons of society, in common domestic spheres and royal couture alike; “Lace was also made at home, for the decoration of household linen, clothing and other objects,” explain the specialists at the Victoria and Albert Museum. They’d cover your dress, your chalice – even your coffin. The richer you were, the more extravagant the pieces became. Cuffs and collars of lace could say as much about your wealth as diamond necklaces and gold rings. – FRANCKY KNAPP, JANUARY 14, 2020

Identifying lace types:

Caring for your lace:

Lace: A History

Levey, Santina M.

Published by Routledge (1983)

ISBN 10: 090128615X ISBN 13: 9780901286154

Antique Lace: Identifying Types and Techniques

Heather Toomer

 ISBN 10: 0764313843 / ISBN 13: 9780764313844

Amazing Lace A History of the Limerick Lace Industry

Potter, Dr. Matthew

Published by Limerick City and County Council, Limerick (2014)

ISBN 10: 0905700228 ISBN 13: 9780905700229

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