The Art of the Fan: Fashion and Femininity Unfolded

Gustav Klimt, Woman with a Fan 1917-1918
Edgar Degas, Dancer with a Fan, ca. 1880, Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

View Fans from the Royal Collection Trust

Long Form Articles:

Fans: Ornaments of Language and Fashion

Mackay, James

ISBN 10: 0785812172 ISBN 13: 9780785812173

The Fan: Fashion and Femininity Unfolded

Steele, Valerie

Published by Rizzoli International Publications (2002)

ISBN 10: 0847824462 ISBN 13: 9780847824465

Unfolding Pictures : Fans in the Royal Collection

Jane Roberts, Susan Mayor, Prudence Sutcliffe

Published by Royal Collection Enterprises

ISBN 10: 1902163869 ISBN 13: 9781902163864

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