What if you could hear color?

Synesthesia, is a cognitive condition that causes the synesthete to conflate one sense for another, for example to taste colors, or perceive certain letters to light up or to have personalities.

The neurological condition allowed famed abstract painter Vassily Kandinsky artist to hear colors and shapes through sound.

Click here to Play a Kandinsky

“When I hear music I see color and shape,”

Anne Patterson

Anne Patterson has synesthesia, meaning that her sensory perceptions overlap; when she hears sound, she sees color. Trained as an architect and theater production designer, this unique combination of senses combines to create an artistic practice, hovering somewhere between the theatrical and the experiential. She continues to explore creating synesthetic environments with site- responsive installation, Pathless Woods, an investigation that began with her acclaimed 2013 installation Graced with Light, at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

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