The Unexpected Elegance of Antique Salt Cellars

An Exceptional Austrian Silver-gilt Viennese Enamel Nef, Vienna, ca. 1880 in the manner of Herman Böhm, Courtesy A. Pash & Sons of Mayfair

Salt cellars were a vessel used to store salt until the invention of the salt shaker in 1858. The salt cellar was given to the head of the table at the beginning of a meal, and subsequently passed around the table in an almost ceremonious style. Where each guest sat at the table, in relation to the salt cellar, determined his/her status.

The Exeter Salt (The Salt of State) by Johann Hass, ca.1630, Courtesy Royal Collection Trust

Long form articles:

Salt: A World History

Kurlansky, Mark

Published by Penguin Books

ISBN 10: 0142001619 ISBN 13: 9780142001615

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