The Experience Japan Pictograms Project

Graphic designer Kenya Hara and his firm Nippon Design Center have self-initiated a project to release over 250 pictograms — free for anyone to use — in support of tourism in Japan from a visual design perspective. 

Click on any of them and you’ll see a brief cultural and historical explanation of the item, activity, place, or concept in question, along with the relevant Japanese term (in kanji where applicable) and its pronunciation. 

You can also download them in the color scheme of your choice and use them for any purposes you like, including commercial ones. The more widely adopted they are, the more convenient Japanese tourism will become for those who don’t read Japanese. 

Visit the Experience Japan Website

Plan your trip to Japan:

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Hokkaido Highway Blues

Ferguson, Will

Published by Canongate Books (2003)

ISBN 10: 1841952885 ISBN 13: 9781841952888

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