Hidden Treasure: The St. Mark’s Mural

St Mark’s Church, Upper Hale Murals painting by Kitty Milroy, ca. 1925, courtesy of Nick Seversway

St Mark’s Church was built in 1883 as a daughter church of St John’s. The land was given by Bishop Sumner who was the Bishop of Winchester at the time. But the church itself was built by the community and for the community.

Kitty Milroy, courtesy of St Marks church, Upper Hale

The wall paintings in the Chancel and sanctuary of St Mark’s are the work of Miss Kitty Milroy, a member of the congregation, who designed and painted them between 1911 and 1920. They are of local interest, since she used people from the area as models for the figures and included local scenes.

View 360 degrees via Google Sphere

Visit St. Mark’s Church

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