The Grolier Club: Celebrating the Art & History of the Book Since 1884

Founded in 1884, the Grolier Club is America’s oldest and largest private society for bibliophiles and enthusiasts in the graphic arts. Founded in January 1884, it is the oldest existing bibliophilic club in North America. Named for Jean Grolier de Servières, Viscount d’Aguisy, Treasurer General of France, (1489/90-1565), the Renaissance collector renowned for sharing his library with friends, the Club’s objective is to promote “the study, collecting, and appreciation of books and works on paper.” The founding members included bankers and lawyers as well as those associated with the printing industry. An article in The Tribune reported on the rarified atmosphere of the club’s regular Thursday evening meetings:

“They talk of books and nothing but books – editions, dates, printers, bookbinders, illustrations, book plates, autographs.”

New-York Tribune

Through the concerted efforts of an international network of over eight hundred men and women—book and print collectors, antiquarian book dealers, librarians, designers, fine printers, binders, and other artisans—the Grolier Club pursues this mission through its library, its public exhibitions and lectures, and its long and distinguished series of publications. The Grolier Club has one of the more extensive collections of book auction and bookseller catalogs in North America. The Library has the archives of a number of prominent bibliophiles such as Sir Thomas Phillipps, and of bibliophile and print collecting groups, such as the Hroswitha Club of women book collectors (1944–c. 1999) and the Society of Iconophiles. – Grolier Club. (2021, February 10). In Wikipedia,

Jean Grolier in the House of Aldus Manutius, 1894 by François Flameng, Collection of the Grolier Club, New York
Léopold Flameng’s etched version of his son’s painting, with a Grolier seal at center bottom; father and son covered this copy’s margins with sketches including a seascape where a steamship heads for America, Collection of the Grolier Club

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Long form articles:

The Grolier Club collects: books, manuscripts and works on paper from the collections of Grolier Club members

compiled and with an introduction by T. Peter Kraus and Eric Holzenberg ; edited by Carol Z. Rothkopf

Published by The Grolier Club of New York (2002)

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