Cocorico Art Nouveau Magazine

Cocorico was a French satirical, artistic and literary journal, first published in 1898. It was produced by the artist Paul-Émile Boutigny and featured many artists of the Art Nouveau movement including Alphonse Mucha and Théophile Steinlen. Czech artist František Kupka, pioneer of the abstract art movement, also produced a cover and several interior illustrations for the magazine.

The magazine had 63 issues. Alphonse Mucha designed six Cocorico covers and the magazine’s title bar, but the depiction of the rooster by Steinlen was chosen to embody the French publication and was used in most promotions. Steinlen’s rooster was significant because of its purity of style, its elegant Art Nouveau lines, and finally because “Cocorico” is the French onomatopoeia for the rooster crow (“cock-a-doodle-doo”), a French victory roar, and the rooster a French emblem. The magazines contain a mix of humorous articles, cartoons, serious art pieces and poetry, all connected by some very fine Art Nouveau graphics.


Mucha Interior Pages:


Flip through the complete run

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