The Diamond Treasure, Precious Stones of The Rulers of Russia

Members of the Romanovs, the last imperial family of Russia, in 1914. Seated (left to right) Grand Duchess Marie, Empress Alexandra, Nicholas II, Grand Duchess Anastasia, Grand Duke Alexei (front), and standing (left to right), Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duchess Tatiana. Source: Library of Congress

Photograph of the Russian crown jewels, from an album issued in 1922, and included in the collection of George F. Kunz, now at the U.S. Geological Survey Library. The album ostensibly was crafted to create interest amongst buyers. Photo courtesy U.S. Geological Survey

View the full inventory of the State-Jewels and Regalia, formerly the property of the tsars.


The Jewels of the Romanovs: Family & Court: Family and Court

Stefano Papi,Prince Michel de Bourbon Parme

Published by Thames and Hudson 2013-10-14 (2013)

ISBN 10: 0500517061 ISBN 13: 9780500517062

Jewels of the Romanovs: Treasures of the Russian Imperial Court

Nicholas B.A. Nicholson

Published by Corcoran Gallery of Art (1997)

ISBN 10: 0886750504 ISBN 13: 9780886750503

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