The Dramatic Flair of Pop-Up Artist Lothar Meggendorfer

Lothar Meggendorfer 

(6 November 1847 – 7 July 1925) was a German illustrator and early cartoonist known for his delightful pop-up books.

“While Meggendorfer was an inventor, working with paper, he was also an artist of great talent,” says modern master, Waldo H. Hunt, “who insisted upon handling most of the details required of multicolored lithography…But what really set Meggendorfer apart, and what has continued to fascinate collectors of his work, are the ingenious mechanizations that he achieved, not just for their own sake but to fulfill and enhance the comic or dramatic effect that he had in mind” – Introduction to The Genius of Lothar Megendorfer.

He was first published in 1862 in the Fliegende Blätter, an illustrated comic weekly, and from 1868 in the bi-weekly Münchener Bilderbogen. He was the publisher of Meggendorfer-Blätter, an art and satirical magazine, from 1888 to 1905.

Die Meggendorfer Blätter was published in 57 editions between 1888 and 1944 as a comic of a particularly high artistic quality. Meggendorfer was also connected with a weekly journal called Fliegende Blätter. As editor, Lothar Meggendorfer was influential in determining both content and appearance of the journal, with illustrations for jokes, short stories and poems, caricatures and above all, stories told in pictorial form. Also involved as illustrators were Josef Mukarovsky (1851-1921), Otto Bromberger (1862-1943) and Victor Schramm (1865-1929).

The first edition appeared with the title Aus Lothar Meggendorfers lustiger Bildermappe, later editions from 1890 onwards carried the title Meggendorfers Humoristische Blätter, and from 1897 to 1925 Meggendorfer Blätter. In 1905 Meggendorfer left the publisher. Karl Pommerhanz (1857-1940) took over the picture stories and above all Josef Mauder (1884-1669) became responsible for the presentation of the journal. – Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg

He also illustrated a number of books with text by Julius Beck, among them Neues Struwwelpeterbuch published by J.F. Schreiber in the 1890s, and created some 40 board games.

Every other year, the Movable Book Society awards a pop-up book prize named after Meggendorfer. – Lothar Meggendorfer. 13 December 2017. In Wikipedia.

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