The Glittering Dreams of Michele della Valle

“One of the most original and creative contemporary jewelry designers, Michele della Valle transforms stories, daydreams and fairytales into bold, imaginative creations.”

– David Bennett, worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s international jewelry division.

Michele was born in Rome, and began designing costume jewellery at the age of 16. During his trip to Burma in 1976, Michele purchased his first stone which he showed to the famous stone dealer Roger Varenne. The last suggested to take the gem to Christie’s. In 1976, he worked for a year in Rome, where he later opened his own workshop (1978). In search of precious stones, he started traveling to Asia. This was the beginning of a collaboration with Bulgari. In 1987, he moved to Geneva and developed a line of jewellery which now bears his name.

Whether in his design studio overlooking Lake Geneva, visiting the atelier in Rome or on his boat in the Mediterranean, designer-jeweller Michele della Valle dreams in colour, conjuring up lyrical compositions from a treasure trove of sumptuous gemstones. Rare and precious or unexpected and mysterious, the vibrant grass greens, flaming orange and lilting blues of sea and sky are the colours of jewels for which he has become celebrated among an elite international coterie of collectors and connoisseurs. Still a rarefied name in the world of jewelry, della Valle lives and works in Geneva, where he presents ideas and designs to clients in his appointment-only studio.
Della Valle reinterprets classic jewellery iconography – soft, silky, light feathers and ethereal flowers. Nature remains his greatest inspiration. In Tahiti he was captivated by jewels made of fresh flowers, pearls and shells. “Jewels to last for one night only: the ultimate in luxury.” According to the jeweler, in India, colors, and saris, fruit and vegetable left him breathless. “In India, inspiration is everywhere, you need only open your eyes and your heart.”
Michele della Valle states: “I don’t understand how a jewel can be created without the magic of a trip to India or to the Far East in search of stones. The stones give birth to the design, and not the other way around.” In his designs, della Valle combines musicality with color, line and rhythm. This approach stems from della Valle’s personal passion for opera and his own early training as a dramatic tenor.

Follow the Christie’s sale “Colorful Whimsy: Jewels by Michele della Valle

Michele della Valle: Jewels and Myths

Della Valle, Michele

Published by Antique Collectors Club Dist (2014)

ISBN 10: 1851497714 ISBN 13: 9781851497713

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